What to present in a video?

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Briefly describe yourself (e.g. your name, age and where you live). Mention what from your experience makes you qualified to apply. Focus on what is most important for the job you apply for. It is positive to describe your motivation to apply for this particular job, and also why the employer should invite you for an interview. A motivated employee is often what an employer looks for. Many positions will offer on-the-job training, where personal qualities often may be sufficient to get an interview.

A job listing shows what the employer is looking for and explains what the perfect employee should be like. This normally doesn’t mean that all applicants must meet all the requirements, although some things might be unavoidable or strict. Strict requirements could consist of different certifications, licenses, language skills, etc.

Your explanation of why you want this specific job could be the small difference that gets you an interview and eventually the job. In addition, a positive presentation never hurts. It may also be important to convey in your application if you’re a quick learner. Often, on-the-job training is possible and some form of introduction and training is always provided, although to a greater or lesser extent.  

Employers who know that you can learn the necessary skills on the job are also more open to finding the right personality that would fit into the team who is also both willing and able to learn. Such qualities may compensate for the lack of both education and skills. Of course there are many exceptions, but motivated employees always do more and work harder than someone who lacks motivation.

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