How video can improve the hiring process

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What is a video presentation?

Since time is of the essence, a video presentation should last no more than one minute. This should give candidates sufficient time to make a concise presentation of the key points they want to get across.

Job seekers who want to use video to present themselves should not just send a video file or upload it to social media. Awareness of online security issues, such as losing control of their own video and the risk that it will appear in another context later, means that many applicants hesitate about using this presentation form. The solution is to record a video they themselves have full control over and can permanently delete whenever they wish.

Advantages in the selection process

When job applicants include a video presentation with their application, there are a number of benefits:

• We get more information about the candidate. A video reveals personality aspects that are difficult to convey through a piece of paper or a PDF. Personal and professional qualities can be assessed by all who take part in the decision-making process. Proactive candidates will be more likely to include a video presentation, which provides benefits of categorization and selection.

• We get a quick and visual presentation of interests and general motivation. With limited time the applicant will focus on what they consider to be most relevant.

• With video presentation we can more easily select candidates to be interviewed. We save time and resources when we can make a selection without having to meet all relevant candidates.

• With this more personal form of communication the applicant can immediately show their interest in the job vacancy. It distinguises between those who send a personal and unique video and those who send a general video published on their social networks or website.

• It is not a CV. With its short duration the candidates must focus more on displaying their personal and human sides and not simply repeat the CV. Overall, this will render a more comprehensive picture of the candidate.

• It gives us information to better prepare for a face-to-face interview. We can more easily identify talent that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, prepare the interview with greater precision, shorten the interview period etc.

• The video can contain information that is usually not included in a CV but that is important for the job at hand.

• Video presentation is a fast and inexpensive tool in the selection process. In the evaluation it takes just a minute to get an impression and there is no need to make major changes to existing routines. To access it, you only need a browser.

• It shows what the candidate finds attractive with the job and tells us more about the candidate’s interests and motivation.

Efficiency in preselection

When we use this tool correctly, the benefits outlined above show that the use of video can have a very positive impact on the recruitment process.

The first thing that is captured in video presentations is the early identification of talents. Proactive profiles, with good relational and communicative skills, are interesting for most roles. They usually bring positive values to any team and can foster constructive communication flows throughout the organization. This aspect is becoming more relevant and important every day.

Since video presentations are a good introduction to an interview, they make it easier to reduce the number of interviews, and also their duration.

Last but not least, the video presentation gives us much more information about the candidate than what was readily available to us before. Expression, appearance and content can be analyzed to assess whether a candidate shall be invited to an interview. This should help us in making decisions that are less arbitrary or solely focused on formal competence or previous work experience.


The use of video presentation can help us to streamline the selection process. Not only does it save time and resources, but it also gives us the opportunity to more effectively identify the talents we need.

It is easy to incorporate tools that provide positive benefits. Isn’t it time to take advantage of this tool to its full potential?

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