Video resume or job application video?

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Why do we prefer job application video over video resume or video CV?

We do not recommend you to just list your previous experience as your video resume, as this would only waste the time of an employer. Professional recruiting managers often only spend a few seconds in screening a written resume, so why should they watch a video clip giving the same information in a whole minute? Of course, that doesn’t make any sense.

That’s why we call My1Min an application video, not a video resume!

Instead of just talking about your previous experiences, you should focus on who you are, your motivation for applying for a position and what you can contribute with for the new employer. The employer wants to see who’s behind a written resume.

A job application video is, as it says, an application for a job. It should not be too general, as this would not attract an employer’s attention. Posting “my video resume” in social media, will most likely not gain the attention you hope for, as it is a passive and inactive way to draw attention towards yourself. Yes, if you record a funny (so-called) video resume, you may hope it will go viral. It may give you some sort of fame, however, it may not be what an employer is looking for.

How should I create a job application video (and not a video resume)?

Instead of hoping that your social media video resume will go viral and an exciting employer notices you, you should rather focus on finding an opening you want to apply for or a company you want to work for, and create a targeted job application video for those positions. That shows initiative and active engagement, which most employers appreciate, and not just posting a (funny?) video resume online.

What should my job application video contain?

As the employer can read your written resume in a few seconds, your job application video should showcase your person and show the person behind the resume, rather than merely your formal qualifications they can read about. Focus on who you are, your motivation for applying for a position and what you can contribute with for the new employer, and why you make a difference. Some employers will start with screening candidate’s written resumes first, while others will start watching job application videos, so that they will not overlook any potential talent.

How can I create a job application video?

Of course, you should use My1Min to create your application video! You may send your My1Min video presentation to apply for any job, and may delete your video(s) whenever you wish, to prevent unwanted sharing. You may also practice recording several times until you are satisfied and save your video(s). The service is all free for jobseekers, so create a profile now and read our tips about what you could present.
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