Use video to evaluate applications

Use video to evaluate job applications

Formal qualifications and previous experience are not necessary the most important criteria to select who you should hire. Personal qualities and motivation can be more decisive. You should therefore evaluate soft skills at an early stage.

More and more applicants use video resumes with their job applications and an increasing number of hiring managers request video presentations in addition to CVs. There are many reasons for the increased use of video, not only because of the Covid-19 situation.

You can save much time if you get a quick impression of the person behind the CV. Especially if you receive many applications with similar background and experience. To reduce the number of scheduled screening calls to get a first impression, many employers look up their candidates in social media, hoping to get an impression. Except for LinkedIn profiles, most social media profiles showcase a private impression of a candidate and is therefore not the best source to get a first glimpse. Asking applicants to record a short video presentation together with their formal experience in the CV, will give you an extra dimension to evaluate by. This will give you a better impression of the person behind the application, not just a list of what they have done earlier. The result is reduced number and increased quality of first interviews.

Solutions like My1Min help employers meet the person behind the CV already when you receive the application, giving you many benefits;

• A video reveals personal qualities and aspects that are difficult to convey through written words. All members of a decision-making recruiting team get to assess personal and professional character early. The more motivated the candidates are for an opening, the more likely they will include a video presentation with their application, providing benefits in the screening process.

• With an audiovisual presentation of enthusiasm, energy and general motivation, you will get a more complete first impression than only evaluating CVs. With limited video time, the applicant has to focus on what they consider to be most relevant for the job.

• Video presentations helps to decide candidates we should interview. Much time and resources will be saved when you make a selection without meeting or calling all relevant candidates.

• Applicants can immediately showcase their special interest for the vacancy. It will distinguish between those who send a unique video and those who send a general video, for instance published on their social media networks.

• A video is not a CV. With its short duration the candidates should focus more on showcasing their personal sides and not simply repeat their formal background. Overall, this will give a more comprehensive impression of the candidate.

• Video provides information to better prepare for a face-to-face interview, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic.

In My1Min you can also select your favourite candidates and invite them to a one-way recorded video interview, where your questions appear on-screen during recording.

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