Why include video presentations with job applications

Why use video with job applications?

For many positions, formal qualifications and previous experience are not the most important criteria to select which candidates should be hired. Behaviour, appearance, attitude and motivation can be decisive factors. How do you evaluate soft skills in the application pile?

Today, many applicants send video presentations of themselves along with their job applications, and increasing number of modern employers request video presentations along with CVs. There are many reasons for the increased use of video.

For those applying for jobs...

it is important to present who you are in addition to what you have done in your CV. You will most likely give a better introduction in person, but the first barrier is to be invited to a live interview. A traditional job application letter does not give a true image of why you are the right person for the job. With a video presentation, you can showcase who you are, not just what you have done previously or give a shallow impression of how you look in a photo. You can describe your motivation to apply for the job easier and more clearly than you can in writing. If you are invited to an interview, you will also know that the employer has already "met" you and knows a little bit more about who you are. 

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For those hiring new employees...

it is much time to save on building a quick impression of the person behind the CV. You may receive hundreds of applications with similar CVs. To avoid a "blind" first evaluation, many employers look up applicants online and in social media, which most often only gives a private impression of the candidate. By asking the applicants to record a short video presentation together with the formal experience in the CV, you will get a new dimension to evaluate by and a better impression of who the person is, not just what they have done earlier. You can stop scheduling a number of unproductive first meetings and increase the quality of interviews.  

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