One-way screening interview
Efficient selection of applicants before a first interview

Efficient selection of applicants before a first interview

Do you ask applicants to answer questions in a web form or e-mail to qualify for a screening interview? Try to combine your questions with getting a thorough impression of candidates in a video and replace written answers!

In addition to general video applications, My1Min has a function where applicants can answer your questions in a 3 minute video presentation. We call this function My3Min.

Your questions appear for the applicant on the screen during recording. Applicants answer your questions in their own surroundings and will give you an impression of personality and how they formulate answers, in addition to the answers. You can then evaluate received videos and watch and listen to candidates answers in their own words. This will give you a new dimension to evaluate candidates through everything you normally would not discover before a first meeting.

You decide if you want to use My1Min or My3Min separately, or together in the same pre-screening process. You may start with general video presentations in My1Min and thereafter invite selected candidates to a more thorough My3Min with answers to your questions after first evaluations. My3Min may also be used separately as a thorough pre-screening before a first-time interview, especially if you have received many applications you want to evaluate further. Both you and the candidates will save much time and resources on increasing the quality of those being invited for interviews.

How to increase quality on first-time interviews

  1. Create a new application folder to receive applications (if you don't already have a Combi-folder with both My1Min and My3Min)
  2. Write a brief information about what you would like the applicants to present in a 3 minute video
  3. Create a link to the application folder: Select 3 minute video and write up to 5 questions in the text boxes
  4. Copy the unique link to the application folder
  5. Paste the link in your job listing or e-mail it to your candidates, if you already have received many applications
  6. Applicants record a video up to 3 minutes. Your questions are shown on the screen and the applicant clicks "Next" to answer next questions. All applicants hold the rights to own videos, and may delete them whenever they wish, for their own security that videos will not appear in other circumstances later
  7. You receive video applications and resumes/CV's in your administration panel, watch videos, evaluate, rate and comment internally with your colleagues
  8. You easily send messages individually or collectively to candidates
  9. You easily send rejection notes to applicants and end further dialogue

Try My3Min when you want to select candidates for interviews! It only cost EUR 179 per application folder you receive applications with no recurring subscriptions. The whole pre-screening process and communication is done in the solution. How many hours (or days) would you save by reducing the number of unnecessary first-time interviews?

How it works

Applicants see your questions on the screen during recording:

The application folder shows an overview of all applicants, where you evaluate candidates:

 Video popup opens in front of the panel, where your questions are listed below:


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