The most efficient screening tool
With My1Min you optimize the selection process before an interview. You can see and hear your candidates and evaluate each applicant beyond their CV, already when receiving their application!

Efficient selection before first interviews

Everyone who has hired employees can recognize this. A stack of CVs to be reviewed, and the selection feels difficult and time-consuming. Especially when you receive all applications by e-mail and must create a system evaluation and screening. Lots of data, much information, which shows little about the person behind the CV.

The traditional CV is no longer the only valid form of expression. There are often contradictions between the information we can read about and how we perceive the person, either good or bad. Pre-selection is a very important step in any recruitment process for new employees. The person behind the CV is also important for many employers.

This is where we can help you.

The advantages of My1Min for employers

My1Min is a tool that lets you to see the candidate behind a CV, from which you can also manage applications in a comfortable and easy way. Candidates can send their CV, cover letter, and a video. And you receive all applications in a solution that simplifies the process. My1Min is also the only tool which is safe to use for applicants to add a video. Videos cannot go viral and applicants can make them unavailable anytime. When the process has ended, all videos are deleted automatically. Video is optional for applicants, but most candidates choose to enclose a video as it is safe and easy to do in My1Min.

Why a short video?

Video is a way of quickly knowing various aspects of the person which is not reflected in the CV: appearance, way of communicating, body language and motivation are very important factors. Sometimes just as important as what appears in writing.

And, before inviting them to an interview, you can have a much more complete and structured vision of the most promising profiles. In total, you will get a whole other image than just through a written application.

With My1Min you get:

Speed: The pre-selection process is much faster, because you will receive the applications in the digital folder you create on My1Min, and you will have all the management tools you need for this process. 

Effect: Your pre-selection is more precise, inviting only those candidates that interest you to interviews, with various evaluation factors that go beyond a mere CV. In addition, management is much more convenient and faster, which saves time and money. Being able to see and hear your candidate is a huge competitive advantage. 
•  Simplicity: The whole process is very easy to manage and does not need any installation! 
•  Savings: The efficiency and speed of the system save you resources, plus you only pay for the functions you need, when you need them. 

Security: Applicants have the rights to their own video presentations. These are not distributed, and your candidates will be assured that they remain in a private environment. Therefore, you will always keep your trust image intact. 
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How does it work?

Starting to work with My1Min is easy:

1   Create your free employer account. You can invite your colleagues to evaluate job applications. No credit card is required for registration. 
Buy a digital folder to receive applications from the candidates. 
Create the applications folder in, where you will receive them all. Create several folders if you hire for different jobs. 
Advertise the vacancy wherever you wish and add a link to your folder. 

Applicants click on the link, log in or register as a new user, upload their photo and CV, and write a short cover letter. They can also record a 1-minute video or choose to apply without a video. Remember that videos are optional, but most candidates choose to enclose one. All applications are gathered in a structured way in your digital folder. 

It is possible to add several users of your company who shall evaluate candidates in the applications folder. You can read CVs, watch video presentations, write internal evaluations, classify candidates, mark your favorites or who will receive a rejection note (the subsequent communication ceases simultaneously for both parties). 

Your tool at an unbeatable price

We assure you that when you start using My1Min you will keep using the solution for future recruitment because of all advantages. It is a whole new way of handling the pre-selection processes, where you evaluate many impressions giving you the most powerful way to find the right candidate.

Low price:
1 digital folder including 3 users (access for your colleagues) for only EUR 99. No recurring subscriptions.

Our guarantee:
If your first purchase of My1Min does not satisfy you, you can request a full refund* within 7 days after purchase. No questions asked, just send an e-mail to

* Full refund less transaction fees from our payment provider, Stripe.

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