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Hire faster and smarter with our pre-screening and video interviewing tool.

Ask your questions to be answered in a video

Meet the person behind the CV

We give you the ability to meet the person behind the CV from an early stage.

Through our video interview tool you will be able to evaluate people beyond their formal education.

Organize and improve the screening process, reduce the number of unproductive interviews and mismatches,

and ultimately find the best candidate for your company in a more human way.


effective tool

No subscription, no download and no installation needed. Get started in minutes!


Better hiring decisions

Evaluate beyond formal documents and get a better glimpse of candidates personal qualities.


Save time and energy

Find better matches faster and reduce the number of unproductive interviews.


Full candidate management

A complete tool for organizing all applications and team-members in the pre-screening process.

How it works

Step one:

Receive and manage unlimited amounts of CVs, cover letters and video presentations up to 1 minute. You can also invite candidates to answer up to 15 of your questions that will appear during recording of their answers.



Step two:

Evaluate at your leisure candidates and their personal qualities, such as their enthusiasm, motivation and communication skills.

Step three:

Add unlimited number of team-members to the platform to help you in the hiring process by reviewing, rating and commenting on candidates.



Step four:

Make a shortlist of candidates to invite the best matches for an interview, and easily send rejections through the platform.

Satisfaction guaranteed. No questions asked.

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