Products and prices
To create a new position, you need to have purchased the type of service you want. We do not offer a monthly or annual subscription, but a pay-per-use to be more flexible for our customers.

Choose between the following position types and decide how many positions you would like to purchase at once. A position must be activated within 12 months from purchase date and is active for 50 days from the day you create the new position. With this long validity, you should have time to finish the screening process of applications. All transactions will be in EUR. As a Norwegian exporting company, no VAT will be added.

Job seekers can make as many recordings they want before they submit their video application. They can remove the video on their own whenever thy like to ensure that their video is not misused.

If you are not satisfied with your first purchase of My1Min, we will give you full refund without any questions within 7 days of purchase. To receive a refund, please send an email to and request a refund within 7 days of purchase date.

My1Min GBP £ 88,- | AUD $ 153,-

Purchase price EUR 99,-. No VAT will be added.
1 minute general video applications, includes 3 user accounts.
My1Min is used for the initial candidate screening where you get an introduction and a quick idea of the people behind the résumés.

My3Min GBP £ 159,- | AUD $ 276,-

Purchase price EUR 179,-. No VAT will be added.
3 minute one-way video interview, includes 3 user accounts.
With My3Min you get to ask up to 5 questions the candidates should answer in their own words during a video of max. 3 minutes. This will allow you to get a thorough feel of each candidate and means that you can easier see whether the candidate has the answers you´re looking for or not.

Combi GBP £ 221,- | AUD $ 384,-

Purchase price EUR 249,-. No VAT will be added.
Both general 1 minute video applications plus the option to invite selected of these applicants to answer up to 5 of your questions in a new video within 3 minutes. Includes 3 user accounts.

Extra users £ 26,- | AUD $ 45,-

Purchase price EUR 29,-. No VAT will be added.
If you need more than 3 users (including yourself), you can easily purchase additional users for EUR 29,- per user. These may be used freely in connection with any of our video products, and you may add unlimited number to each position.

Value packages

To those of our customers who need to staff many positions throughout the year, we offer value packages with 10 times as many positions and users at discounted prices. You can also buy several value packages at the same time.

My1Min XL £ 709,- | Save £ 171,-

Purchase price EUR 799,-. No VAT will be added.
Discounted My1Min package x 10 when purchased at the same time.

My3Min XL £ 1,330,- | Save £ 260,-

Purchase price EUR 1,499,-. No VAT will be added.
Discounted My3Min package x 10 when purchased at the same time.

Combi XL £ 1,766,- | Save £ 444,-

Purchase price EUR 1,990,-. No VAT will be added.
Discounted Combi package x 10 when purchased at the same time.


We use the global payment solution Stripe. We currently accept payments in EURO (€). Prices in GBP shows approximate equivalent value in British Pounds per January 2018. 

Enter your e-mail address, card number (Visa or MasterCard), expiry date and CVC code (3 last digits in the signature panel on the back of the card) and your postal code/ZIP. After successful payment, you immediately get access to your purchased positions(s) and may start using My1Min to receive video applications.

As an expanding global payment solution, Stripe offers the option to store your credit card information for any future payments through Stripe. If you wish, you may register an account with Stripe so you do not have to write your credit card details the next time you pay through a Stripe payment solution. If so, you need to connect your e-mail address and mobile telephone number to your card. At the next payment through Stripe, you simply fill in your e-mail address, receive a one-time PIN code as a text message to your phone, which you enter to confirm your payment.

My1Min and Technology with a Heart AS do not have access to your credit card number, and will not register or store your card information.

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