What you need for a quick hiring process

Get a better impression of each candidate

My1Min is created to give you an early impression of applicants and easily select the best match for an interview. No more scheduling phone interviews or many quick first-time meetings. Saving time for both sides of the table.

We continuously develop My1Min to meet your needs, and are currently upgrading the service with some great new features. We launch several updates during this summer. As you see below, many of the improvements are already launched.

Purchased products must be activated within 1 year of purchase date and may enjoy the new features as they are launched.


My1Min v2.0

My1Min v3.0

Status now

Recruitment process validity60 days60 daysv3.0
Number of candidates in application folderUnlimited  Unlimitedv3.0
Number of company usersUnlimitedUnlimitedv3.0
Invite external users to evaluate candidates-Unlimitedv2.0
Rating of candidates1Unlimitedv2.0
Average rating of candidates-Yesv2.0
Internal commentsYesYesv2.0
Chat with candidatesYesYesv2.0
Send rejection notes to candidatesYesYesv2.0
Receive job applications with CV, cover letter and videoYesYesv2.0
Receive certifications/other documentation-Yesv2.0
Optional CV, cover letter and video for candidates*-Yesv3.0
Mandatory CV, cover letter and video for candidates*-Yesv3.0
Ask candidates to answer up to 15 questions in a video-Yesv3.0
View questions on screen as candidates answers
Multiple invitation rounds to answer questions in a video-Yesv2.0
One-page job application including video-Yesv3.0
Full overview/summary of the job application before submitting-Yesv3.0

*Defined by the employer

Get started now!

Preview of My1Min version 3.0

Receive all applications in a digital folder, where you rate each application, communicate with candidates, write internal notes and mark your favorites. Finally, you send rejection notes to rejected candidates.

Each candidate shows all information you need for efficient evaluation.

Ask your questions to be answered in a video
You can ask up to 15 questions to all or selected candidates, which each must be answered within 1 minute. If you want, you can invite candidates to record videos in several rounds, for even deeper evaluation before a live interview.

You get a full overview of the ratings of applications, including any notes from your colleagues, explaining their score. Scores are not visible until one has set his or her score. Of course, all ratings can later be changed, if needed.