How to ask applicants to record a video

Modern employers ask applicants to create a video

More and more employers are considering more criteria in pursuit of their new talents. In recent years, candidates have been looked up online and in social media, in order to get a better impression of the candidates. This is time consuming and does not provide a professional image of the candidates. Therefore, the use of video presentations in addition to CVs has become very popular.

In order to receive applications with video, it is crucial to provide applicants with the security of how the personal video presentations are processed and what will happen to the videos after the screening process before an interview. My1Min is the only tool that gives candidates full control over their own video presentations and the ability to delete videos whenever they want to ensure that videos do not go viral and appear in other contexts later.

This information is important to convey in the job announcement, to ensure the candidates that video is safe to send. 

Suggestion of what you can write in the announcement:

Suggestion 1: How to apply is easy

Click on the link to My1Min, sign in/register in a few seconds and follow the steps. Upload your photo (optional), your CV and write a short cover letter. You can then record a short video presentation up to 1 minute or tick off that you want to apply without video. You have full control over your own video and may delete it at any time, even after it is sent. This way you can be sure that it will not appear anywhere else later. You may record as many times as you wish until you choose to send your application. In the video presentation, you may briefly describe who you are, why you are qualified for this job and why you want to work with us. Apply here: [Paste the link to your digital application folder]

Suggestion 2: We look forward to meet you

Thank you for your interest in our company and this job!

As one of the stages of selecting candidates to interview, we invite you to record a 1-minute video presentation. Recording is easy and safe, and will give us a better impression of evaluating candidates for this position.

When recording a video, please describe why you are interested in this job and tell us which three qualities makes you the best candidate for this position.

Suggestion 3: Customer Service

Do you like to communicate with people and make them happy? Then we want to see your application! This job is a professional challenge for the best Customer Service Specialists!

As a first evaluation, we would like to receive a 1-minute video presentation with the answer to a single question: “Give a real example from when you exceeded the expectations of your customers.”

To record a 1-minute video, please follow this link:

Suggestion 4: Invitation to a video interview

Thank you for your interest in our company! We find your CV interesting and would like to get to know you better.

Please record a video presentation answering some of our questions. This will help our evaluation to select candidates for live interviews.

You record on your PC/Mac using Chrome or Firefox web browsers, and can record as many times as you wish, until you are satisfied and submit your video to us.

We look forward to meet you!

Suggestion 5: Present who you are when you apply

We realize that some of you may not feel comfortable with recording a video interview. However, recording a video at home, by yourself, may be more pleasant than going to a first-time interview. For our sake, using video as a part of our hiring process has allowed us to consider more candidates for each position.

You will need a laptop or a desktop computer with a camera. We know that it can seem difficult to act natural in front of the camera, so don’t worry – we are not evaluating your stage presence, although, a little personality can go a long way.

Please don’t feel pressured to stare into the camera without blinking – it would make the presentation a bit weird. Although you should keep eye contact in a physical interview, your presentation will be better when you act natural. It is perfectly ok to let your eyes blink and check your notes if you need to. Your video will only be viewed by us and will automatically be deleted when the recruitment is finished.

You will get 5 questions that should be answered within 3 minutes. You don’t have to use all 3 minutes – just move on to the next question when you are done. You can stop recording at any time, review your presentation and re-record as many times as you want, until you are satisfied with your presentation and submit it to us.

We know it’s a video interview, but just treat it like a regular meeting, dress the way you normally would in an interview and find a quiet place that’s free from distraction.

Finally, relax and have some fun, and remember that a little personality goes a long way. Get comfortable, be yourself and start recording.

We look forward to meeting you!

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