You are one step closer to your dream job! By using My1Min you show the person behind the CV. My1Min is free for everyone applying for jobs.

Get a competitive advantage with My1Min when you apply for jobs

Get invited to interviews with My1Min!

My1Min has quickly become a very popular tool, as you with My1Min give your application added value; a voice, a face, your enthusiasm, character and how you communicate.

You will gain the competitive advantage you need to stand out from other candidates. Many employers use My1Min themselves and it is the only tool where you retain all rights to your presentation, so that videos will not go viral and appear in other contexts later. You can even delete your video after it is sent to an employer - for your own security.

For most employers, the person behind the CV is decisive for who gets hired. This is difficult to display through only a cover letter and CV. When you use My1Min, you record a one-minute video that you enclose with your job application and present yourself in a unique and safe way.

Let employers meet you when they receive your application

Show that you are proactive, that you are eager to get an interview and that you are highly motivated for the job you apply for. Employers will notice you in a completely different way than if you only send a traditional cover letter, where you would only be one in the pile of other applications. Use My1Min for free when applying for jobs and tailor your presentation to each job you apply for. You can record as many videos as you wish.

My1Min is the only professional tool that helps you to stand out from other applicants, raise the quality of your application and show who is behind the CV/resume.

Try out My1Min now and see how you will stand out!

Register quickly and record a couple of test presentations, to see how easy it is and how you will appear for an employer. You will also get good practice in presenting yourself and tell why you want the job. Copy the link below your video in the video archive to see how the employer will see your presentation. 

After you upload your CV and record your 1-minute presentation, you simply add a link to your presentation and send it with your application. The employer receives all information in one place and does not need to register or download anything – everything is opened up in My1Min. You can always check the link yourself before you send it, to see how you will be displayed.

Register in a few seconds and use My1Min for free! After registrations you will get tips on what you could say in your video presentation and more information about how My1Min works.

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How My1Min works

Record your presentation

To record a video presentation may be easier than you have thought! With a video you can convey who you are as a person. Briefly describe why you are qualified and why the employer should invite you to an interview. Explain why you are motivated to apply for this job! » Read what you can present

Apply for the position

Apply as you normally would and add a link to your video presentation, where also your CV and contact information is found. You no longer need to write a long cover letter.

The employer will get to meet you

You will add a new and professional dimension by showing more than just formal qualifications in your CV. The employer will get to meet you already when they receive your application.

Get invited to an interview

You will stand out in a positive way and show that you are proactive when you apply for the position. When you showcase more aspects of yourself, you will increase your chances of getting invited to an interview.

Benefits of using My1Min

• Stand out and show yourself in a more effective way.

• My1Min is developed for this purpose. Completely free to use when applying for any job, without any ads.

• Record presentations to apply for any job, not only where video presentations are requested.

• We do not have any job listings, so you can use My1Min to apply for any job you would like.

• You have full control over your videos and may delete them whenever you wish. This is why you use My1Min instead of other video-sharing services or enclose a large file in an e-mail to an employer, where you lose control over your own video. Employers may have restrictions in opening video file attachments, bot not clicking a link to your presentation.

• Record as many videos as you want and personalize videos to any job application or employer.

• Get a professional look! Your CV and video presentation are securely stored in My1Min. Social media does not give a professional impression.

• No download necessary for you or the employer. No registration needed to view your video.

• Record a 20 second presentation to add to your social media account and retain control over your own video.

• Many employers use My1Min themselves when they evaluate which candidates to interview.

Try it out now

Secured by My1Min - the only secure tool

My1Min is the only presentation tool where it is safe to use video when you apply for a job and is created for this purpose. Videos cannot go viral or be downloaded.

When you don’t want your video to be available any longer, it is permanently deleted. All videos are Secured by My1Min and we give you the right and option to make it unavailable at any time. It can then no longer be viewed by anyone who has a link to your video.