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The competition for jobs can be tough. You often compete with many others and you need to make yourself as interesting as you can, to increase the possibility of getting invited to an interview. Most other applicants still only send a cover letter and a CV. For an employer, the person behind the CV may be just as important as formal qualifications. It has nothing to do with looks, but how you appear as a person, how motivated you seem and the way you communicate. That is why they look you up online and in social media. The image they get there may not be as professional as the impression you want to give. Their research is to get a better impression of you to get an idea of the person behind the CV. With My1Min you can showcase yourself beyond your CV.

You can now take control over this impression yourself! By introducing yourself in a short video presentation in My1Min, you will get a competitive advantage and, not least, stand out from all other applicants to get noticed and remembered. You will appear proactive and motivated for the job, as you do something more than every other candidate.

As an applicant you can increase the quality of your application and increase the possibilities of getting an interview. Your application will stand out and you appear professional. As a result, you will get visible in the application pile.

My1Min is the professional tool you have to give the best impression! When you send your application, you add a link to your presentation and the employer receives your video presentation, CV and contact information in one place.

Use My1Min for free!

My1Min is free to use when applying for jobs and 100 % ad-free. Note that you have full control over your own video and can delete it whenever you wish, to prevent it from going viral and appearing in other contexts later. Employers also use My1Min to find their next employees.

A video presentation...

• shows who you are, not just show what you have done earlier in your CV
• gives a better impression than a superficial photo. When you add a voice and face your communication also shows your enthusiasm and motivation
• lets you practice on presenting yourself briefly, with knowledge of that the employer has already "met" you before you come to an interview
• through My1Min can be deleted at any time and you can control who gets to watch it
• can be recorded at home, where you in peace and quiet can create the first impression you want to give

Your video archive

In your video archive you find all your videos and is where you create new ones. You can record as many videos as you wish, so that you can adjust the presentations to each job you apply for. Select 1 minute video for job applications or 20 second general video to publish in social media, like LinkedIn or Facebook.

My1Min® video archive

Click the link symbol

Below each video you find a link symbol. Click it to get the unique link to your presentation.

Copy link to your video

Copy the link

Copy the link and paste it in your job application.

In addition to the link button, you find a delete button below each video. You can delete videos whenever you wish, so that they will be unavailable for everyone who has received your video link.

Employers who receive a link to your video only clicks the link, which opens your presentation in My1Min. Employers do not need to register and cannot download your video.

Click on the lightbulb for more information and good advice.

How will the employer see your video?

You will be displayed professionally towards an employer, without any disturbing ads. When they click on the link, your video presentation, CV and contact information is opened in My1Min:

Show who you are when applying for jobs

Before you start recording

We recommend using PC or Mac for recording, to ensure best quality and stability of the camera. You may also use your mobile phone or tablet. Before you start recording, you should ensure that you:

• have the camera in eye position, so that you look straight into the camera

• have enough lighting without background lights that leaves your face in shadow

• have minimized background noise, for instance by closing windows and being alone in the room

• have a neutral and clean background

• dress as you would in a physical interview

What can you present?

When you record a video presentation up to 1 minute, you can:

• briefly introduce yourself

• emphasize experience from your CV or personal qualities you feel may be relevant for the job, making you qualified to apply

• briefly describe your motivation to apply for this position and/or this employer

• you get more tips when you log in

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• You can record as many videos as you wish, and thereby adjust every video to each job you apply for. We recommend that you create a unique presentation to each job you apply for to impress the employer.

• No one needs to see your video before you send a link to it, so you can practice as many times as you wish!

• Registration on is quick and easy. You will not see or receive any advertisements and it is 100 % cost free to use My1Min to apply for a job!