My1Min gives you attention

Are you applying for your dream job?

Hundreds of applicants often compete for the best jobs. Applicants using My1Min stand out from others and get attention!

By using My1Min when applying for a job, employers will see the person behind the application before potentially inviting for an interview. They already use search engines and social media to get an impression of candidates, so you could take control over which first impression you would like to give.

Job applications are very personal and we've legitimized the use of video presentations for applications, and you can delete videos whenever you want, to give you full control that your videos will not appear other places later on. Apply like you normally would, and add a link to your video presentation in the application. An employer who clicks the link will also see your résumé and contact information.

We do not have any job postings, so you can use My1Min as your tool to apply for any job you want.


How to get attention from an employer

You must show who you are, in addition to what you have done in your résumé. By using My1Min you don't have to call or visit an employer to get noticed - and it's very easy to use!

Using video presentation for job application is what modern employers are looking for, to easily get an impression of the personal qualities in each applicant. You record the video in the comfort of your own home, and may record as many times as you wish until you are satisfied and save the video. You can always delete the video and record a new one before sending a link with your application. Register now and try it out - the service is free to use for job seekers!

Employers may watch your video presentation at their own leisure, and you will not have to disturb them with unwanted phone calls or visits. Especially young jobseekers with less work experience need to grab the employer's attention in other ways than with a traditional résumé. Those who choose to present themselves with My1Min will be noticed in the pile of applicants, and will be able to show who they are in a professional way.

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What could you present in a video?

You should speak about your motivation to get the job. A motivated employee is often what an employer is looking for. By showcasing yourself with My1Min your new potential employer will see that you put a little extra effort in to get the job. Describe yourself in a few words and why you feel qualified for the position, if you have any past experience relevant for the position, plus what motivates you to apply. We believe that if you explain why you want the job and which values you may add to the company, it will increase your chances of getting an interview.


My1Min is free to use for job seekers!

Showcasing your personality and motivation towards a job can be crucial if you want to be selected for a job interview. My1Min helps you show the employer who you are and not just what you can do. This means that your résumé isn't your only marketing tool anymore - now you have a video as well! My1Min won't cost a cent or penny if you're a job seeker!

Employers appreciate receiving a video application from My1Min. Create your video in a familiar environment and add your résumé before sending it to the employer. You can use Chrome or Firefox browsers on PC/Mac with a webcam. Apps for iOS and Android will be launched shortly.

Use social media to promote yourself

My1Min also has its own special feature that lets you create a presentation and then post it on LinkedIn or Facebook. Create a 20 second general video presentation that shows who you are and what you would like to work with. All you need to do is add the video link. Your video will open and be displayed professionally through My1Min. 

Delete videos whenever!

You're in control of when your videos are to be made unavailable, so you can prevent unwanted disclosure of your videos. My1Min doesn't host any advertisement or anything else that might steal the focus from your presentation, which gives your presentation a very professional feel. If you've created a video presentation and posted it on social media or sent it to an employer, your presentation will be inaccessible once you've removed the video. You own all the rights to all of your content!

You can record any number of videos, which is why we recommend creating a separate video for each job application and customizing it for each individual employer.

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