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Make yourself interesting for an employer when applying for a job. My1Min is a free tool that may increase your chances of being invited to an interview!

The selection begins the first minute

When you apply for a job, the first goal is to be invited to an interview. This is when you may showcase yourself and let an employer get a greater impression of you. That our CV ends up in the wastebasket without giving us a single opportunity to express what we are capable of doing, often happens to most of the applicants. You compete with many others when applying for jobs and there are few methods to stand out from the application pile.

What employers look for and how you get visible

Most employers want to see who the person behind the CV is. Regardless of which position you shall fill in the company, you will most often be part of a team. Employers look for more than formal experience and it is often difficult to select the right persons to interview. Traditional ways to apply for jobs is only to present education and previous work experience as a sales pitch of oneself. In writing, these often appear like empty phrases. Many are new to the labour market and some have gaps in their CV. If you get invited to an interview, this is where you can market yourself. This used to be the only way to show who you are.

Today, the selection process is more communicative. To convey strengths and experience in a clear, concise, reliable and communicative way is vital. But how can you do that already when sending your application?

The modern company is geared towards talent. That is well known. But you sure know that we are all talents. We all have something that makes us stand out. One of the main problems is how to transmit that capacity, how we convey it. Our best weapon so far has been our CV. By adding a new dimension to your application, you could show your passion, your motivation and the capabilities you are proud of, in another way.

My1Min is the tool that makes you visible in the crowd and increases your chances of overcoming the pre-selection process. In a safe way.

What is My1Min?

My1Min gives you the best way to tell the employer that you are a proactive and professional person. You can do this through a vídeo of up to 1 minute, where you can introduce yourself and describe your motivation to apply for the job. It is easier than many may believe, and you will appear proactive. This simple method will exponentially increase your chances of advancing in the selection process. The recruiter can meet you in a more personal way, thus breaking the initial barrier between both parties.

My1Min is the only solution it is safe to add a video for job applications. It cannot go viral or be downloaded, and you can make it unavailable at any time. The employer will receive your CV and presentation in one place, making it easier for them to evaluate your application. They will not be able to download your video presentation, nor will they need to register to see it.

Your presentation through My1Min is professional and focused on showing the best of you. My1Min is developed for this purpose and employers themselves use My1Min when hiring. You can use the service for free to apply for any job you want. You can record as many videos as you wish and tailor each presentation to the job you apply for.

You can also record a 20 second general video presentation to add on your LinkedIn profile or other social media. It is safer than uploading a video directly in social media, as you can always make this video unavailable whenever you wish. This prevents videos from going viral.

Try it out – it is easy!

You only need to register, record a couple of presentations to see how easy it is, and you can see for yourself the great usefulness of the tool. In addition, you can practice how you should present yourself briefly and describe the reason for submitting your application.

Once you have recorded your video, you just need to copy the link below your video in your video archive and you can see yourself like an employer would. When you are satisfied, simply send the link along with your application.

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Summarized advantages of using My1Min

At this point, you probably already have quite a clear impression of what the advantages of using our powerful tool are, but here is a summary:

•  A tool specially designed for this specific purpose. 
•  It is totally free, without any ads! 
•  It allows you to stand out and show yourself in a more effective way. 
•  You can record presentations to apply for any job you would like, not only the ones where video presentations are requested. 
•  You have full control over your own videos, and may delete them whenever you wish. 
•  You can record as many videos as you like, so that you can personalize every video to any job application or employer. 

It gives you a professional look! Your CV and video presentation are stored secure in My1Min, the solution created for this purpose. In addition, you will prevent videos from going viral without control, or sending a video attachment where employers may have restrictions against opening or downloading. 
•  You can record a video presentation of 20 seconds, to share on your LinkedIn profile or other social media. 
•  No need to download anything, neither for you nor the employer. 

Try it now! It is free and easy to use. Increase your chances in your next job application!

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