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Discover the person behind the CV

Getting an early impression of how the candidates are, not only what they have done earlier, will give you a much better basis of evaluation than just considering if they had the right career path so far. 


For most jobs, on-the-job training can compensate for lacking experience as long as personal motivation, initiative and enthusiasm exists. If the person is important for your job opening, you should definitely stop evaluating applicants based on formal experience alone. Don't miss out on hidden talents!

How you can use My1Min

How do you discover the best talent?

Evaluate more than just the CV and discover hidden talent by evaluating factors like appearance, body language and communication skills at the first stage of screening applicants.


Say goodbye to traditional hiring

A pile of applications is never fun to go through. Do you base your selection on previous experience in the CV, and maybe call candidates or invite many applicants to a first interview? It is time to modernize this process!


When you already have candidates

Reduce the number of first-time interviews by inviting candidates to answer some of your screening-questions in a video. Watch the presentations whenever you want, invite colleagues and get to evaluate more aspects early.


A full handling system

You also get a full management system and can receive cover letters, CVs and video presentations in one place for easy handling. You get to evaluate the person behind the CV already when receiving their application. No installation required!


Next steps

Follow these steps to get started

My1Min is easy to use, created to discover the best candidates as quickly as possible, without having to invite obviously wrong candidates for interviews. Video is optional for candidates to enclose, unless you require otherwise or invite candidates to answer questions in a video. The way we have included recording as a natural part of the application, plus our secure handling of videos, most candidates choose to add one. By discovering more factors before inviting to an interview, both you and the candidates may save precious time.

You can use My1Min as a full ATS or only the video interview functionality. This describes the use of both processes:


Get access in seconds

Create a company account. You can later add company logo and invite colleagues to join the team. Buy a digital folder (a hiring process) to receive applications. If you plan on hiring several during the next 12 months, you can buy several at a time.


Setup the hiring process

Start by creating a digital folder. Enter the title of the position (can always be changed later) and select "Edit" to add team members to evaluate applications and write a description for the applicants. You could write why you would like to receive a video presentation, and how it is safe for candidates. Read our tips on what to write.


Share a link to the process

My1Min is not a job board and your vacancy will not be indexed in search engines or published anywhere. You therefore need to share a link to your digital folder wherever you want, in order to receive applications. Share the link in your job opening, social media and/or e-mail, if you already have candidates.


Receive and evaluate

All applications, cover letters, CVs and video presentations will be collected in your digital folder. Here you and your colleagues get everything listed per candidate and can rate and comment each application.

Invite to second evaluation

Invite candidates to several screening rounds, if you want to get candidates to answer your questions in a video for closer evaluation before an interview. You can also invite to answer your questions in a video without having to receive CVs. No extra cost!


Invite to interview or reject

When you have marked your favourites, you easily invite them to an interview through the communication tool. You can also easily send rejection notes to unqualified candidates to end the process and stop further communication.

Use My1Min in several ways based on your needs

You don't need to change all of your current procedures to use My1Min. You can simply use the tool to get a deeper understanding of qualified candidates, if you've already gone through a first screening of CVs and would like them to answer your screening-questions in a video. Both you and your candidates save time by reducing the number of short, unproductive first-time meetings.