Manage applications
Select a folder to evaluate the applications. You can navigate between folders in your top left. You can also search for specific applicant name if you want to find a particular candidate within this folder.


The application columns consist of:


You may rank applicants using four different emoticons. Click on the smiley icon repeatedly to change it. The most recently saved smiley will be displayed, so if you for example have selected a yellow smiley ("maybe") and your colleague has changed it to green smiley ("yes"), then the green smiley will be the one displayed.


Name of candidate.


The date the application was received.

Show application

Here you see the applicant's personal profile and cover letter. You can also download CVs/resumes and view videos.

Show CV

View or download the applicant's CV/resume. Some web browsers downloads files instead of only viewing them.

View 1Min. Vid.

Watch the applicant's 1 minute video presentation, if this video option is connected to this folder.

View 3Min.Vid.

Watch the applicant's 3 minute video presentation, if this video option is connected to this folder. The questions that appeared on the screen during recording will be listed underneath the player window.


View incoming chat messages or send new messages to individual candidates.

Internal comments

You and your colleagues may write internal comments about each candidate.


Here you can select the applicants you'd like to reply to simultaneously, invite to record a 3 minute video, or reject applicants to end the process.

You may filter applicants by ranking (smileys), name or date of receipt.

More actions

At the top right, you have three different options for actions towards one or more applicants at the same time:

Reply multiple

This will open a text-box to send the same chat message to multiple applicants simultaneously. First, select which applicants who should receive the message by clicking in the "Select" column to the right of each applicant, or choose "Select all" to send the same message to all applicants.

Invite to 3 min

You can invite selected applicants who´ve already submitted a 1 minute video presentation to a thorough screening process by asking them to answer up to answer up to five questions in a new 3 minute video. First you select the candidates you´d like to invite (e.g. everyone who has been marked as "Favorites"), and then you click "Invite to 3 min". A field will pop up where you should write what you wish the job seeker to do (they will receive an individual message in their chat) and fill in up to 5 questions that you want them to answer in a new video.


If you want to reject applicants, first select which applicants you wish to reject (e.g. all candidates marked with an orange "sad face"). A text box will appear where we encourage you to write a nice message letting them know that they unfortunately will not be proceeding. When you select "Send rejection", the application process for these applicants will be completed. The chat-box will be disabled so you no longer can send messages to each other. Their names will also be striked through, to highlight that they have been rejected. Rejecting an applicant is impossible to undo.

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