Openings/application folders
The job openings/application folders show an overview of all your active and inactive folders. Click "Create new application folder" to create a new folder. You must have purchased folders in order to create new ones. Each folder is active for 60 days from creation date.

Create a new folder and enter a job title at the top and information about the position below. You may write something about what you want the job applicants to include in their video applications. Once the folder is created, you can add more users who will immediately be able to manage applications. You can also choose to do this later by clicking "Edit" under the job listing once it has been created. Remember to save your position before returning to the Archive.

The Archive

The application archive consists of the following columns:


Position title you selected when creating the folder. This can be changed by selecting "Edit" in the job listing in question.


The date when the folder was created.


The date when the folder will expire and become inactive. This is automatically calculated 50 days from the date when the folder was created. You can disable a folder before it expires, if you don´t want to receive any more applications.


See the folder as seen by applicants who clicks the link from your job listing.


Click on the edit-symbol to edit the text in your folder and/or add/change users who have access to view and evaluate applications.


Shows the number of applications you have received for the position in question.


This is where you create a link that you can copy and paste into the job listing, your website or anywhere else you would like to publish it. In order to receive job applications for a position, you have to provide the job seekers with a link to the right folder. Click on the "Link" in the folder you want people to apply for and click to create a link to 1 minute or 3 minute videos. When choosing a 3 minute video, you get five fields where you can write the questions you want to ask each candidate. These questions will appear on their screen while they´re recording. You don´t have to fill all the fields with questions unless you want to. The 1 minute video application is selected automatically and you can copy the link (Ctrl+C / Cmd+C) and paste it into your job listing.


If you´d like to extend the active period for another 50 days. The extension will cost the same as a new position, and automatically retrieves products from your purchased products, as shown in your user profile. You have to buy more products if you don´t have any available products.


This disables the folder and means that people can no longer apply for the position. The folder will be moved down to Archive, and can later be reactivated within the validity period if desired.


This removes the folder permanently and cannot be restored. You might want to choose to disable the job listing if you´re not sure if you´re ever going to need to view the history later. Videos connected to expired positions will be inaccessible.

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