My1Min® Reveals Talent
Easily and efficiently

Are you applying for a job?

When you apply for a job, you have to get noticed in the pile of other applicants. An application letter and résumé only shows what you have done. My1Min® helps you to show who you are, so that you can stand out from the crowd of other applicants and get attention from an employer. Simply record a short video presentation and add a link to your application. You retain full control over the video and may delete it at any time, to prevent it from going viral. Use My1Min® for free to apply for any job you want!

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Are you hiring?

An application letter displays little about who the person behind the résumé is. Let us help you to "see" the candidates earlier than the first job interview! With My1Min® you get to evaluate personality, communication skills and drive already at the first screening of applications, and will save time on increasing the quality of interviews. You advertise your opening as usual and enclose a link to your My1Min® in the ad. All video applications and résumés are received and structured in the solution, where you and your colleagues may evaluate and rate applications and résumés, communicate with the applicants, including sending rejection letters with few keystrokes. Our prices are in Euro (€) starting at € 99 per position you are hiring for. No recurring subscriptions.

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