My1Min helps jobseekers get noticed
Use My1Min for free to apply for any job!

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Let employers "meet" you already when they receive your application!

My1Min is a tool to help you to stand out from the pile of applications, improve the quality of your application and showcase the person behind the CV/resume. With My1Min it is safe to use video presentations when applying for a job! Creating a video presentation is easier that some may think. Employers will notice you in a different way than simply through a traditional application letter and CV. Use My1Min for free when you apply for jobs!

My1Min gives you a competitive advantage!

Using My1Min to present yourself will give employers your presentation, CV and contact information in one place.  With My1Min, you can give employers a proactive and professional impression. For many employers, the person behind the CV is decisive, which is difficult to display through only a cover letter and CV. When you use My1Min, you record a one-minute video in a safe way and present yourself and your motivation to apply for the job. This may increase your chances of getting an interview. Add a link to your video presentation in your job application and employers will receive your presentation together with your CV and contact information. They do not need to register and cannot download your video. Everything is opened and displayed professionally in My1Min and you make it easier for employers to consider hiring you!   

Try My1Min to see how it works for you! 

» Register now and record a couple of presentations to see how easy it is, and how you will appear for an employer! It is easier than you may think, and you will also get a good practice in presenting yourself briefly and describe why you want this job. Copy the link below your video to see it the way employers will.

Advantages of using My1Min

- My1Min is developed for this purpose. The tool is both cost-free and ad-free.
- It makes you stand out from the crowd and shows employers who you are.
- You can record presentations to apply for any job you want, not only jobs that requests a video presentation.
- You are fully in control over your videos. You can delete it whenever you want to prevent it from being shared online. This is one of the main reasons why you should use My1Min and no other video sharing services or attach large video files to e-mails.
- Record as many videos you want and tailor a unique presentation for each employer and position you apply for.
- It makes you appear professional! Your CV and video presentation are gathered in My1Min, the solution created for this purpose. Social media is not suitable for trying to appear professional. Also, avoid having videos spread virally without control, or send an attached video file that employers may have restrictions about opening or downloading.
- You can also record a 20 second video presentation to share on your LinkedIn profile or other social media.
- No download necessary, neither for you nor the employer.

» Try My1Min now

How does it work?

  1. Create an account in just a few seconds, free of charge. Try the recording tool and upload your CV and photo when you are ready to apply for jobs.

  2. Record a one-minute video presentation. You can do as many recordings as you want and save your final presentation in your video archive.

  3. Copy the link to the video you want to send and paste it in your application. Employers will see the video in My1Min without having to register or download anything, or open a large attached file.

» What could you present in your video?

» Have a look here for more information and tips on how to use My1Min


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