Showcase YOURSELF. Get invited to job interviews.

Today's job market is tough. My1Min is a free, professional video presentation tool that lets you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by employers.
Easy and safe video CV.

Showcase yourself. Get more interviews.

Present yourself beyond your CV

A well-written job application used to be enough to get noticed. But today, employers are looking for their next talent in new ways.

My1Min gives you the opportunity and ability to showcase your personal qualities and motivation.
Add a video to your CV and apply for a job in a professional way. You will increase your chances of getting invited for an interview.

Retain full control over your video and delete it whenever you want, even after it is sent.

Your next employer will get your CV and video pitch in one presentation.

Make as many videos as you want. IT'S ALL FREE!


Competitive advantage

Stand out from often hundreds of other candidates applying for the same job.


your talent

Give employers a better glimpse of your personal qualities and explain how YOU are their best candidate, by doing more than your competitors.


Own your data

Decide who can see your videos and delete them whenever you want. Forever. Videos are auto-deleted after 90 days to protect them from going viral, even if you have sent it to many or shared it in social media. My1Min is safe!


Easy applic
ation management

Manage your profile, upload your CV/resume and create unlimited presentations to tailor videos to each job you apply for. Remember - it's all free!

How it works


1. Present yourself

Create a brief video presentation of yourself and express why you're the best candidate for the job. For job applications, record videos up to 1 minute. To share in social media, use the 20 seconds video pitch.

We'll give you inspiration about what you can present after you log in.

2. Organize your data

Manage your profile, upload your CV and create unlimited number of video presentations, tailored to each job you apply for.



3. Share and get noticed

When you apply for a job, just write "Here is my video presentation and CV" and easily share your video presentations with a simple, unique link that you find under the video you recorded in My1Min. Your presentation will open in a browser, protecting the receiver from not receiving large amounts of data files or "scary" attachments. They do not need to register to view your presentation. Employers will love it!

You will now show yourself beyond your CV and improve your chances of getting an interview!