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About us

My1Min is a Norwegian company, fully owned by Technology with a Heart AS, offering a video presentation tool, developed for modern and efficient recruiting. Focusing on the person behind the CV/resume, My1Min is developed to make the hiring process more human, and gives jobseekers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, while it is easier for employers to discover hidden talents.

My1Min can be used to receive and handle all job applications or a video interview to improve the evaluation of candidates. Or both ways in the same hiring process.

My1Min awarded Seal of Excellence from European Commission

We are proud to announce that the European Commission (EC) has issued its Seal of Excellence to Technology with a Heart AS (parent company) for My1Min. » Read more


The founders of Technology with a Heart have many years of experience in recruiting employees, and truly believe that the best candidates are found by looking beyond the CV/resume. We know that personality, appearance, communication skills, motivation and commitment may be deciding factors when you apply for a job. For many employers and positions, the person behind the CV/resume is as important as the formal requirements.

Technology with a Heart will develop and launch several technical concepts in the coming years. Our headquarter is located in Oslo, Norway, and we have offices in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. We will establish more international branch offices in the future. 

Our basic philosophy is that our projects shall benefit the society.

Our vision

We shall be the universal solution to reveal talent.

Our mission

Our mission is to help job seekers stand out from the crowd of other applicants and really showcase their personality to potential new employers. In addition, we want to simplify employer's evaluation of candidates, and contribute to reveal potentially overlooked talent in the recruitment process.


Our team of committed, dedicated developers and digital marketers is led by:

K. Øyvind Blystad-Dammen | CEO, Creator & Co-Founder
Thomas A. Lillebø | R&D Director, Creator & Co-Founder

Concept video about My1Min

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