My1Min is developed for modern recruitment

About My1Min

My1Min is a video presentation tool, developed for modern and efficient recruiting. It gives you as a jobseeker the opportunity to stand out in the crowd, while it is easier for you as an employer to discover hidden talents.

My1Min gathers everything in one place, and you can choose to send a traditional cover letter together with your résumé if you do not want to record a video.

My1Min for job seekers

My1Min is free of charge for jobseekers. The tool gives you the opportunity to showcase yourself in a whole new way through video. As a jobseeker, it can be hard to get noticed by employers, and for many employers the person behind the résumé is essential. With My1Min you can record a one-minute video to present yourself to any employer you want. This will help you get noticed, and increase your chances of getting an interview. You are in total control of your videos and you can delete them whenever you want, to prevent them from going viral.

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My1Min for employers

My1Min is probably the most efficient and cost-effective tool on the market for pre-screening. You will find résumés, cover letters, video presentations and tools for communicating, all gathered in one place. The tool is easy to use, it saves you both time and resources and increases your chances of finding the right candidate. The jobseekers can choose to only send a cover letter if they do not want to record a video presentation.

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Technology with a Heart

My1Min has been developed by the Norwegian company Technology with a Heart AS. The founders of Technology with a Heart have many years of experience in recruiting employees. We know that personality, appearance, communication skills, motivation and commitment may be deciding factors when you apply for a job. For many employers and positions, the person behind the résumé is as important as the formal requirements. Technology with a Heart will develop and launch several technical concepts in the coming years. Our headquarter is located in Oslo, Norway, and we will establish international branch offices in the future. 

Our basic philosophy is that our projects shall benefit the society.

Our vision

We shall be the universal solution to reveal talent.

Our mission

Our mission is to help job seekers stand out from the crowd of other applicants and really showcase their personality to potential new employers. In addition, we want to simplify employer's evaluation of candidates, and contribute to reveal potentially overlooked talent in the recruitment process.


Our team of committed, dedicated developers and digital marketers is led by:

K. Øyvind Blystad-Dammen | CEO, Creator & Co-Founder
Thomas A. Lillebø | CMO, Creator & Co-Founder