Video improves the hiring process

Finding good people can be a time-consuming challenge for any organization. Much can be gained if potential talent are discovered in the initial phase of the selection process. In this blog we will explain how the use of video presentation affects the pre-screening process and benefits of using this method when hiring people.

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Good answers in an interview

Job seekers: Think through answers to common interview questions. Although most employers prepare their own questions for job interviews, there are certain questions that consistently come up during interviews. The wording may be different, but the message remains the same.

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What to present in a video?

Job seekers: It’s important to convey why you want that particular job when creating a video application. Your explanation for why you’re the right person for the job can be more important to the employer than if you meet all the formal requirements for the position...

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What determines who you hire

Employers: What is more important of grades or character? The modern professional world is changing. More and more people get higher education and many candidates meet the formal requirements for a position. The way we recruit new employees is also changing, and personal qualities play a more decisive role in the hiring process.

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