Advantages of using video when applying for a job

The advantages of using video presentation when you apply for a job

In order to find the most suitable candidates, an organization will establish a dialogue with the applicants. Until very recently, this dialogue began mainly through written communication.

Then, with a bit of luck, an applicant could be invited to a personal interview. A personal meeting will naturally provide a more comprehensive picture of a candidate than what appears from a formal CV. After all, expressing our ideas and skills in a personal way is always more convincing. It enables us to more clearly demonstrate various aspects of our personality and abilities. A «suitable candidate» is much more than mere facts on a piece of paper.

The meaning of «the person behind the CV»

The demands of the 21st century brought increased awareness of the need to see that each employee represents much more than just the tasks to be performed. This awareness is affecting how new talent is being selected in the workplace. With advances in the field of human resources we realize that the value of an employee is no longer limited to a single set of skills.

Personality plays a key role when a person is hired into a team or a project. Attitude, body language, communication skills and how we relate to others are important elements in the selection process. A personal interview gives us an excellent opportunity to express our personal qualities, but the first barrier is to get invited to one. When job selection is based solely on a piece of paper or a digital profile, both employer and the job applicant stand to lose.

Technology is here to help

When you apply for a job, your first question is probably: Will they invite me to an interview? Such an invitation opens the door to an exchange that can be mutually beneficial to both sides. With the introduction of communication via a video presentation, the process became more streamlined. However, the job seeker must still get attention among other applicants and be in a position to be chosen for a live meeting.

Unfortunately, many competent people have been left out of the selection process before getting an opportunity to present themselves. Fortunately, technology with a human face is now here to help.

The impact of the new format

The new ways of choosing talent no longer depend mainly on what the written language can tell us. How is it possible to make an adequate pre-selection if we lack important data? As we will see below, companies now have a new tool for conducting the selection in a more effective manner – video presentation of candidates.

The video is a format that, though it has been around for a while, now has really come of age and can show its full potential. This is also the case when it comes to hiring. Internet and faster data transfer allow access to video with much better audiovisual quality than just a few years ago. When an employer clicks on a link, they can see and hear the candidate who previously was little more than letters on a piece of paper.

There are many benefits for both the job applicant and the employer.

A way to meet the person at once

A short video presenting a candidate complements the CV in the selection process. We can instantly sense what the talent is, how it is expressed, the candidate’s motivation and what he or she can tell us in a first encounter. The information contained in this presentation is valuable not only for non-verbal or communication reasons, but also for the message itself.

Candidates know that they are making a concise presentation, so they will try to present their most important points and personal qualities. This fast and efficient communication will reduce the risk that the best candidates are excluded from the selection process.

Our best cover letter

A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the value of a whole recorded minute!

A video presentation is a valuable opportunity to express ourselves without having to wait for an interview which may not happen. It is a fast and effective way to show who we are. In short, it is a great opportunity to establish a relationship that is much more personal than what can be achieved with a CV. The short video of one minute or less can be the key that opens doors for your talent.

A simple tool for companies and candidates

The video presentation is a tool with important advantages both for those in charge of the selection process and for the candidates.

• It provides more relevant information to the pre-selection phase.

• It shows the human side of the candidate, making the whole hiring process more human.

• It emphasizes various aspects of the CV and serves as the first contact before a possible interview.

• In just one minute you will have put your face, voice and energy to your CV.

• It gives the candidate the opportunity to show their communication skills and get the most relevant facts across, which is impossible to show in writing.

• It helps prevent surprises and saves time and resources in a later interview.

• For the candidate, it may provide a competitive advantage over other applicants.

• It can also help eliminate potential prejudices.

• Applicants can have complete control of their video and delete it whenever they wish.

These are some of the advantages, but we could mention a few more. Why not record a video presentation and see the result for yourself?

The first video presentation

There is no single best rule for making a video presentation. Try to be yourself. Pay attention to which impression and message you want to convey. And bear in mind that you only have one minute, so you have to be brief.

As with traditional job applications, it is possible to create a presentation tailored to each job you apply for. This will show special interest in the position, and you will more easily visualize how you can deliver on the requirements that the employer is looking for.

You can make a number of attempts until you achieve the result you want to send a potential employer. This will also give you useful communication training that will benefit you in a job interview.

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