How to ask applicants to record video presentation

Some employers wonder how to ask job seekers to use video presentation with their job application. Here is a suggested text for your job listing:

How to apply: 

Click on the link to My1Min and sign in/register in a few seconds. Upload a photo and resume, and write a short cover letter. You may then record a short video presentation up to 1 minute. You have full control over the video and may delete it at any time, even after you send it, so you can be sure that it will not appear anywhere else later on. You are not required to record a video, but this would give us a more thorough impression of the person behind the application. You may record as many times as you wish until you choose to send the application. If you do not wish to attach a video, tick off that you want to apply without a video, and select “Submit”. In the video presentation you may briefly describe who you are, why you are qualified for this job and why you want to work with us. Please follow this link to apply: [Link to your digital application folder] 

To record a video presentation as a job application is less "scary" for applicants than cold calling an employer to get noticed, in addition to that employers do not want to receive hundreds of phone calls by applicants who want to get noticed. My1Min gives applicants a security to delete their own videos whenever they may wish, to prevent them from going viral. They will not get this security if they should send a video file or upload their videos in many other services.

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