See the person behind the resume

It is hard to find and choose the best candidates for interviews. We have made it easier to evaluate a person's motivation and drive, in addition to their resumes.

  • My1Min gives you efficient screening of applicants, where you quickly see the person behind the resume before your first meeting. We know how time-consuming the screening process is. When you receive written applications with resumes, the time cost for evaluating all applications and having unproductive interviews is high. Instead, you could ask job seekers to record a short video presentation, and receive all video applications in addition to their resumes in the position you have created on My1Min. You still advertise your openings wherever you want and use My1Min as your tool to screen applications. Colleagues may easily evaluate every candidate in the same system, without having to take a single printout. No download or installation needed, and no more large attachments in e-mails, as My1Min is cloud-based. The whole process is more efficient and you increase the quality of each interview.

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  • Why spend a couple of days on performing 20 first-time interviews when you can evaluate 100 video applications before lunch?

  • Applications received in My1Min can easily be evaluated, ranked and commented on by you and your team. Job seekers follow a link from your job listing, after which all communication with job seekers takes place within the solution. Including sending rejections to incompatible applicants with a few keystrokes and end the process.
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Why use My1Min?

Avoid overlooking hidden talents, who may be lacking some formalities in a resume
Get a clear impression of personal qualities and "meet" the candidates before the first interview. Less superficial than just seeing a photo in the resume
Provide job seekers confidence that personal videos will not go viral, and they may delete their own videos whenever they want
Intuitive web-based management tool (no installation) you can share with co-workers for quick deployment. Low cost, no recurring subscriptions
All communication within the solution; Useful when you end processes and avoid unnecessary data. Avoid large video files by e-mail
Avoid inviting wrong candidates for first-time interviews and save time for both you and the job seekers

    This is how easy it is to use My1Min:



    Create a position; only pay for the number of positions you need. 3 users are included and you may receive unlimited number of applications. Every position is active for 50 days, so you have time to finalize the screening process before an interview


    Copy the link to your My1Min-position to your job listing. Candidates will apply through this link. You will still advertise your job openings where you reach your candidates.

    Receive applications directly in the solution; evaluate, rate and comment internally. Select the applicants you would like to go forward with. You may also invite selected candidates to record a 3-minute video with your questions to be answered in a new video, as a one-way video interview. This function may also be used separately.


    Evaluate candidates, share with colleagues and comment internally. You may chat with candidates individually or send the same message to multiple applicants. Send rejections to candidates who haven't been chosen with only a few keystrokes. Further communication is then terminated.


    Sample pricing: 1 position incl. 3 users: EUR 99. No recurring subscriptions.