The modern recruiting tool that helps you discover
the best candidate

The most efficient pre-screening tool for the hiring process


With My1Min you get:

• A new dimension when evaluating candidates

• All applications in one place

• Easy evaluation of CVs

• Get candidates to answer your questions in a video

• Save time and money!

Meet the person behind
the CV

My1Min gives applicants the opportunity to record a video presentation to give you a new dimension when evaluating candidates. Video is optional for applicants, but the way My1Min has included this in the application page, it is safe and easy to present themselves in this way. Publish your opening everywhere you want and add a link to your digital folder where you will receive all applications.

Reduce your pre-screening time by getting a clear impression of each candidate and meet the person behind the CV/resume in My1Min.

Publish your opening everywhere you want


Invite candidates to answer your questions in a video 

Forget about scheduling phone interviews! Get answers to your screening questions in a video to review when you choose. With My1Min you can invite a selection of candidates to record a video, where your questions appear during recording. Get an impression of different aspects of the candidate, not reflected in writing; motivation, language, communication skills and enthusiasm!

Candidate management system: Rate candidates, share comments... and hire!

From job posting to hire, manage all candidate data in one place: CVs, video presentations, cover letters, chat with candidates. Review all information in a unique platform. You also send rejections in the system. Remember, video is optional, so you won't scare off anyone.

Receive and manage all applications one place

Reduce your hiring cost with our competitive pricing!

The most easy and cost-effective tool, no subscription needed, no download or installation. Get started in minutes!

Only €149 per hiring, one-time payment.

Annual subscription for unlimited use also available.

Two ways to use My1Min:


Alternative 1:
General applications

Receive all applications where candidates present themselves with CV, cover letter and optional video presentation up to 1 minute. You get all information in one place per candidate. Evaluate the first impression the candidates want to give.


Alternative 2:
Recorded video interviews

Ask candidates to answer your questions in a video, as a video interview. Up to 15 of your questions appear during recording. Each question must be answered within 1 minute. 

» Read more about video interview

» Read more about coming version 3.0 here

Use one or both alternatives in each hiring processes; Start with alternative 1 and invite selected candidates to alternative 2, or only use one of the alternatives. Use the system the way that you need and from the launch of version 3.0 you can invite to as many processes / screening rounds as you wish. Within the same hiring process and job opening at no additional cost!

My1Min does not publish job offers. Simply add a link from your job advertisement to your hiring process in My1Min, where you will receive and handle all applications. You still announce your job openings wherever you wish.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

No questions asked, we guarantee to refund 100% of your purchase if you shouldn't be satisfied. Simply send us an email requesting refund within 14 days after purchase, and we will give you the money back.