A video interview will showcase
the best candidates

With My1Min you get to evaluate candidates through video presentations, and will "meet" the candidates - the person behind the CV/resume - early. Ask questions to be answered in a video and evaluate body language, enthusiasm and formulation in addition to their formal background.

Ask your questions to be answered in a video

You will not find the best candidates in a piece of paper.

Stop evaluating CVs alone and bring human factors back into recruitment.

Is this how you find your candidates today?


1) Evaluate CVs

You go through piles of cover letters and CVs in search for the perfect candidate.


2) Call to invite

Many employers schedule a phone interview to find candidates to invite to an interview.


3) Interview

You meet many candidates for a first-time interview to get a first impression.


4) Failed interview

After a minute, you often discover a mismatch, yet you will continue for the expected 45 minutes.

How to improve this process:


1) Evaluate videos

Evaluate video presentations with answers to your questions and get a new dimension in selecting who you want to invite for an interview.


2) Select the best ones

Based on your deeper evaluation, you can increase quality of the candidates you invite for a live interview.


3) Only meet the best

You only meet candidates who have passed the first pre-screening.

Questions appear during recording. For the candidate's security, videos can be deleted by them at any time, to prevent them from going viral. To show you their best version of themselves, multiple recordings may be done before submitting a video.

Why schedule 15 minute phone interviews or many short first-time meetings,
when you can evaluate videos with answers to your questions whenever you want?

Try My1Min out now and see how it works!

- Register your company account in a minute

- You will get tips on how to request videos and guide for how to use the service after registration

- Create a digital folder, where you will receive video interviews

- Write up to 15 questions, copy a link to your folder and distribute the link to your candidates. Each question will be answered within 1 minute

- Candidates records at home, and your questions will appear on the screen during recording

- Receive videos in your folder, share with colleagues and evaluate whenever you want

- Rate and comment with your colleagues, send messages to candidates as well as rejection notes

- Simple pricing: EUR 149 | USD 169 | GBP 139 | AUD 239 per hiring process

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