With My1Min you get a new dimension in addition to a CV and can both see and hear the candidates. In this way you can consider each candidate beyond the CV already when you receive the application!

The best tool to evaluate applications

With My1Min you get the most efficient pre-screening tool, where you receive all applications in a folder for easy evaluation. You can rate applications, comment internally with colleagues and communicate with candidates. Candidates can also add a short video presentation (optional for the applicant). You get an easy way to evaluate applications with everything gathered in My1Min and the cloud. Finally, you send a professional rejection note from your folder to unqualified candidates and will save much time when recruiting.

My1Min gives you a new dimension when evaluating applications

You will get a new dimension in evaluating candidates who enclose a video presentation and meet the person behind the CV. No other video solution is safer for a candidate than My1Min. To hear a voice and see the body language together with the CV gives you a new dimension in evaluating candidates. For most employers, the person behind the CV is important and may be a decisive factor. Video is a way to get an impression of different aspects of the person, not reflected in writing; appearance, communication, language and motivation are very important factors for choosing the right candidate. Often as important as what appears in writing.

Before you invite to an interview, you can get a more complete, structured and better impression of the most promising candidates. In total, you will get a completely different impression than just through text and a CV. My1Min is an efficient screening tool before an interview where you collect all applications in one place. Adding a video is optional for the candidate, and as it is safe for the candidate to record a video presentation, most candidates choose to add one. It is also easier than they may think.

Modernize the process with My1Min


You no longer need to find the best candidates in written cover letters, but can meet the person behind the resume already when you receive the application! » Try it out now

Efficient selection before first interviews

You can, of course, not discriminate any applicants during the selection or recruiting process, but should select the person most qualified for the job. Qualifying factors may include who the person is, beyond education and work experience. Employers and recruiters look up candidates in social media to get an impression of a candidate. This can give a wrong presentation of a candidate and give another impression than desired. With My1Min the candidate has a greater control of a professional first impression. My1Min makes the selection process more efficient, enjoyable and cost-saving.

How My1Min works

Announce your opening

Create a digital folder in My1Min to receive applications and add a link to the folder in your job announcement (advertise wherever you want). Applicants click on the link, send their CV and record a video (optional).

Find the right candidate

You will receive all applications in your digital folder, including CVs and video presentations. Here you can watch videos, download CVs, write internal comments with colleagues, chat with candidates etc.

Evaluate candidates with video

Easy evaluation with colleagues, internal comments, rank applications and chat with the candidates. Application, video presentation and CV gathered in one place in your digital folder.

You can also invite to answer questions

You can also invite selected candidates to answer 5 of your questions in a new video up to 3 minutes. This will give you a further dimension to evaluate candidates based on audiovisual responses.

Finalize the process

Send rejection letters to candidates who did not move forward to an interview and end further communication. You will then not receive follow-up questions from unqualified applicants.

How to request video presentations from your candidates?

See what you can write here ❯

With My1Min you get:

• Easy evaluation of all applications with CV and video in one system

• Internal comments with colleagues and rank applications with smileys

• Simple messaging system for communicating with candidates

• Invite applicants to answer 5 questions in a new video presentation of up to 3 minutes (optional functionality, can also be used separately)

• Send rejection letters to applicants that are not selected and end further communication

We will soon launch My1Min version 3.0. Take a look of the new features!

My1Min video is safe for candidates

Applicants can record video as many times as they wish, until they are satisfied with their presentation and submit the application. You receive all applications in a structured management system. Applicants hold the rights to their own video presentations and may delete them whenever they wish. This is controlled by the candidate and will automatically be deleted after a period. This gives the candidates the confidence that personal videos will not go viral and appear in other contexts later.

Your tool at an unbeatable price!

Use My1Mind to get a whole new way of handling the pre-selection processes, where you evaluate many impressions giving you the most powerful way to find the right candidate.

Pay as you go and purchase 1 digital folder includes 3 users (access for your colleagues) for only EUR 149 | USD 169 | GBP 139 | AUD 239. No recurring subscriptions.

Our guarantee:

If your first purchase of My1Min does not satisfy you, you can request a full refund* within 14 days after purchase. No questions asked, just send an e-mail to

* Full refund less transaction fees from our payment provider, Stripe.

Save your time and resources - find the best talent!

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