How to complete company profile
The company profile consists of the following:

User profile

The user profile for the account owner, the person who created the company profile. Upload a picture so that both your colleagues and job seekers can see who they´re interacting with. Please remember to save the image after you´ve uploaded it.

Company profile

Write a brief general summary of your company. This will be included in all pages that job seekers land on when clicking on your job listing link to My1Min®. Upload your company logo as well. Check the two boxes if you want your company email address and phone number to be visible to job seekers. Always remember to save your changes.

New password

You can change your password whenever you want to. Remember to to click "Change Password" to save the new one.


Here you can view the number of video products and users you have available; 1 minute or 3 minutes video application and total number of users you may assign to different positions.
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This overview shows which colleagues you may assign to evaluate different positions. You can invite an unlimited number of colleagues to register by clicking "Add User" and enter their email address. The recipient will receive a link to register with name and password. They will automatically be linked to your company.

The creator of the company account will automatically become the owner of the company profile. Contact My1Min® Customer Service to change Administrator. Once your colleagues have signed up, you can change their role to "Manager" or "Team Member". The "Manager" is able to purchase products and create positions. "Team Members" can only manage candidates without creating new jobs. Managing candidates means viewing and evaluating video applications and résumés, commenting internally and replying to candidates in the chat feature.

Payment history

Here you find your previous purchases and may send emails with previous receipts.

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