How My1Min works
Easy and efficient handling of all incoming job applications for employers
    • My1Min is easy to use

    • Publish your job openings as before - wherever you wish. Applicants who click on a link from your advertisement and all communication takes place within the solution. 

Overview of digital application folders



- Create an application folder on to receive all applications
- Copy the link to the application folder and paste it in your job listing. You still advertise your opening wherever you wish
- Write a short text in the job listing with the reason why you want a video presentation of the applicants, e.g.:

How to apply: 
Click on the link to My1Min and sign in/register in a few seconds. Upload a photo and CV/resume, and write a short cover letter. You may then record a short video presentation up to 1 minute. You have full control over the video and may delete it at any time, even after you send it, so you can be sure that it will not appear anywhere else later on. You are not required to record a video, but this would give us a more thorough impression of the person behind the application. You may record as many times as you wish until you choose to send the application. If you do not wish to attach a video, tick off that you want to apply without a video, and select “Submit”. In the video presentation you may briefly describe who you are, why you are qualified for this job and why you want to work with us. Please follow this link to apply:  [Paste the link to your digital application folder]


Applicants may record a video presentation


- Jobseekers click the link, log in or register as new user, upload their photo and CV/resume, and write a short cover letter. They can create a video presentation up to 1 minute. If they do not wish to make a video presentation, they can skip this and apply with their cover letter and CV/resume instead  - Jobseekers hold the rights to their own video and may delete it whenever, to prevent it from going viral – for their own security

You receive CVs, cover letters and videos



- Receive application videos (or cover letters) and CV/resumes from the applicants 
- Simple overview of all candidates, where you click to read their cover letters, CV/resumes and view video presentations. Comment internally with colleagues and rank your favourite candidates 
- You may also invite candidates to create a new video up to 3 minutes to answer 5 of your questions, as a one-way screening interview. This functionality can also be used separately, if you already have received applications you would like a better evaluation of


You evaluate and rank applications



- Reply to candidates individually or collectively 
- Send rejection letters with a few keystrokes to one or more candidates to end the process. This allows you to easily give feedback to everyone and end further communication.




Why use My1Min?

- Avoid overlooking hidden talents, who may be lacking some formalities in a CV/resume, by receiving video presentations
- Increase quality of first-time interviews and save time
- Give the applicant's security; Personal videos will not go viral, and may be deleted by the applicant at any time


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